10 Ways to Really Love a Virgo

    Don’t be misled by Virgo’s symbol— there’s nothing virginal about them. Sure, they are more modest than some, but under that persnickety exterior lies a sensitive and caring lover. Whether your beloved has a Virgo Sun sign, Moon sign, or rising, keep reading to discover a wealth of wisdom that will help you to get the most from your relationship with your Virgo love. Or if you are a Virgo yourself, you just might find a way to create even more perfection in your life.

    What Virgo Needs from a Lover

    Life for Virgo is made up of order and routine, and Virgo in love needs to know that one step will be followed by the next one. For Virgo life is not something to be lived willy-nilly with a lot of impulsive decisions or reactions. The emotional life of Virgos can destabilize them if it’s too unpredictable. So if you love a Virgo you will need to permit him or her the space to take care of the relationship details–then Virgo can ultimately relax into a loving relationship.

    How Virgo Shows Love

    Virgo is the sign of discrimination, and this is sometimes interpreted as perfectionism. It’s not so much that Virgos want life to be perfect, it’s just that they are always looking for ways that life can be improved and this includes you! Your Virgo also loves to be of service, and one way he or she will show love is by helping you in all kinds of ways. Virgos might not be the most emotionally demonstrative, but they are among the most loyal!

    Astrological Types Compatible with Virgo

    Virgo is most compatible with sensitive people who will not rock their world with uncertainty. Libra and Taurus types, ruled by Venus, will be drawn to dig beneath the surface of Virgo’s tendency toward obsessiveness. Cancer and Pisces will exhibit the empathy that Virgo needs so that his or her life can remain in balance. Virgo is least compatible with the fire types who can be impatient and irritated with Virgo’s methodical and cautious approach to life.

    How to Open the Virgo Heart

    The Virgo heart does not open overnight, and it can take a long time before Virgo has enough trust to open fully to a loved one. Patience and understanding are the virtues that are most important when waiting for the Virgo heart to open. Understanding and honoring the inner need for rules and the secret fears of your Virgo lover will ensure you a place in Virgo’s heart forever.

    Turn-ons for Virgo

    Unlike our modern definition of the word “virgin,” Virgo is one of the more sensual of all astrological types. Like all earthy signs, Virgos have a love for the pleasures of the body and a delicate touch in the bedroom, but they don’t have a kinky bone in their body. Unless they have other influences in their chart, they will not be interested in experimentation but will approach the sexual act with reverence and respect.

    Virgo’s Deepest Love Secret

    For Virgo, love itself is the secret. Virgo’s concern for safety and security makes them one of the least exhibitionistic signs of the zodiac. They have no desire to broadcast to the world whom they love or why, and they won’t like it if you do it either.

    Things to Avoid with Your Virgo Beloved

    Virgos love routine and the comfort of knowing what to expect, and they typically do not respond well to surprises. Spontaneity for Virgo usually doesn’t feel like fun – it disturbs their equilibrium and creates inner stress. Virgo is happiest when new things are introduced slowly into her life so that everything can be assimilated in an orderly fashion.

    How to Communicate with Virgo

    Virgo is traditionally ruled by the planet Mercury (though some, including this author, believe that Chiron is Virgo’s modern ruler), so communication and the mental realm are very important for Virgos. They sincerely want to understand how you feel about everything, and they want to be able to integrate your thoughts and ideas into their own world. But this is a process that doesn’t happen overnight. As with everything else regarding your Virgo lover, patience is key.

    How to Connect Spiritually with Virgo

    For Virgo, the mundane details that make up life are a spiritual experience, and daily rituals and routines contain magic and power. Sharing a reverence for the smaller things in life will help you bond with your Virgo and open your own eyes to the magic and mystery found everywhere.

    How to Hold onto a Virgo Forever

    Virgos’ cautious nature tends to make them loyal partners for life. However, their lack of romantic inclination and a tendency to want to improve their lovers can require some understanding on the part of their loved ones. If you want to be with your Virgo for life, remember always that what seems like criticism is instead loving concern. Encourage your Virgo partner to gently go beyond his or her comfort zone into a life filled with fun and love.

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