What is Aquarius person like?

    Aquarians are intelligent. They know about a lot of subjects, are great at problem-solving and are very patient listeners. So if ever you are in need of someone who can listen to you quietly and sort out your issues, an Aquarian is what you need in life.

    They might sound or look weird as they are lost in their thoughts most of the time and are very curious by nature. Intellectual conversations stimulate them. So wooing one won’t be that easy.

    They have a gift of gab. They communicate really well and are able to convince people with their speech.

    They are very loyal and caring when it comes to friendship and love. Also, they enjoy healthy flirting, so they will be attracted to a lot of people and will indulge in harmless flirting and it’s because of this nature, they are misunderstood by people a lot. But once they fall for someone, they are committed forever.

    They don’t fall in love easily. It’s really hard to make an aquarian fall for you. But once they do, you are gonna be the luckiest soul on this planet.

    They are mentally and emotionally very strong and will always encourage you and talk positive, unlike scorpions who always think/talk negative. Although it is one of the signs which might seem emotionally distant, they feel things intensely.

    They are able to judge the f*ck out of people. So never try to fool them as their instinct tells them everything. They have a knack of getting along well with almost each of the other signs.

    They are an aesthete and appreciate beauty in every form. Things that turn them off are bad dress sense, no affinity for intellectual and philosophical conversations, pessimistic attitude and rudeness. They love to socialize and party, but also love to sit back at home and relax with their loved ones. There’s nothing you can’t discuss with them.

    They are ultra broad-minded and pretty much hate to follow societal rules and stuff. So if you’re too conservative then watch out. You are not gonna get along well with an Aquarian. Librans and Geminis are their best partners.

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