How to Win the Aquarius Woman’s Love

    Never pressure an Aquarius woman to be punctual. If you have a date with her, be prepared to wait for a long time, possibly reminding her that she has a date. You should also be prepared for a rain check that you find out about exactly when you arrive at the meeting place, barely holding the flowers and worrying about being late. Still, if she is there, don’t give her the flowers because she won’t know what to do with them. Her sensitiveness is especially mental, intuitive and civic.

    If the Aquarius woman makes you the secretary of the first parapsychology congress, accept without holding back, because it will be an international congress and somebody has to help her. Prove her that you live on the edge and that you have progressive ideas. The Aquarius woman doesn’t like men without initiative, who stick to their parents’ traditionalism and to the old-fashioned formalities of the time.

    When you are with an Aquarius woman, dream of a different human kind, talk to her about the solar systems from the other galaxies and go a round to different brand stores. She will be astounded and will immediately fall in love with you at the sight of the first vacuum cleaner that takes the carpet out by itself or of the food that gets cooked at our verbal command.

    As by accident, stop by a friend who is celebrating his birthday. The Aquarius woman will be happy to have someone to talk to about planetary changes and telepathy. She likes friendship and friends, and she’s got many, but she never makes time for them. Loving an Aquarius woman takes a lot of courage because you will love, in fact, half of the planet!

    You can tell the Aquarius woman, when she is erotically satisfied, that you are interested in a new aesthetic wave in contemporary painting or in founding a charity centre. A less lofty Aquarius woman will offer as a secretary. A more cultured Aquarius woman will think of a larger project but, at the same time, she will expose all her feminine charms and will start with a loving frenzy you should keep up with until the end.

    The Aquarius woman has an unlimited imagination and her erotic refinement accepts no resistance. It is “all or nothing” with her!

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