12 Things To Know About Being With A Gemini Man

    No matter what zodiac sign your guy is, there are going to be challenged. He’s moody, he’s habitually late (or early), his musical taste is questionable, he’s got a touch of OCD—the list is endless. But most men, like most women, have a lot of good and bad traits, and if you’re lucky, the positives at least slightly outweigh the negatives. What’s appealing about Gemini men is most wear their hearts – and their personalities – on their sleeves.

    True to their astrological symbol, the Twins, Gemini men have two distinctive sides. These separate personas are so obvious, you may feel like you’re dating two guys at once, a man who can excuse himself to the restroom during a jovial conversation peppered with naughty jokes and return minutes later in deep thought about ending world hunger.

    The bright side is you get two guys for the social time you invest for one. This is a great adventure if you can hold on for the ride; dating a Gemini guy is not for the faint of heart or a shrinking violet who likes to lurk in the shadows. Give as good as you get in spontaneity, exploring new horizons, and enjoying the simpler, fun side of life and you’ll find satisfaction (and occasional exhaustion) with a Gemini partner.

    These tips will help you navigate through the early stages of dating a Gemini and then you’re on your own. Don’t blink—you’re bound to miss something important!

    12. Let him have the spotlight.

    Geminis love attention. Before you cross the threshold of the party house, he’ll likely have a couple of jokes ready, a cheeky comment for the host, and a story to tell that will hold the room spellbound. He’ll sometimes make you part of the act (especially at a dance club) but get used to leaving center stage to him while you quietly spread your charm with your unique approach. He’ll be so happy being the ‘belle of the ball’ his good mood will be infectious and ensure you have a great time as well.

    11. Forgive him.

    With all his energy and free-spirit-inspired interests, it’s no surprise Geminis make a lot of mistakes. Their social faux pas is rarely mean-spirited but rather the result of over-exuberance and acting without thinking a plan before implementing it. When a Gemini apologizes for insulting your cousin or denting your car, he’s typically sincere. Try to understand his antics and if you can’t totally forgive him, at least attempt to move on and forget his transgressions. He’ll probably repeat a few of his misdeeds but his good-hearted acts normally outweigh his gaffes.

    10. Reciprocate his support.

    Though generous with his time and support, a Gemini expects the same in return. Surprise him with a spa weekend with his buddies, offer to pick up his dry cleaning or have his car detailed, or end a routine midweek supper with his favorite dessert or top-shelf scotch. Despite his carefree demeanor, he keeps track of your generosity and kindness in little corners of his heart and head, endearing you to him more every day. If your relationship is long-term, all of your heartfelt gestures will eventually be paid back in spades.

    9. Embrace his impulsive nature.

    The only thing predictable about a Gemini is his unpredictability. His mind is always in overdrive, thinking how his surroundings could be bigger, better, louder, more memorable, funnier—nothing that fits the norm satisfies him. In a theater line he’ll frequently change his mind when buying the tickets and suddenly you’re seeing a chick flick instead of the comic book action film. You’ll end up at an Ethiopian dinner club when you thought you were having pizza for dinner. Welcome his willingness to be impetuous and rest assured you’ll never be bored.

    8. Be patient.

    Your Gemini guy will try your tolerance. While he’s usually up for a party or exploring uncharted territory, you may yearn for a quiet night at home. Get used to being alone if you’re not as energetic and adventurous as he is. Trust that he’ll have great stories to tell about his outings and it’s advisable to just let him ramble on as you sip a goblet of your favorite libation. Before you know it, he’ll be snuggled up at your side, drifting off to dreamland to relive his fun and plan his next escapade.

    7. Depend on him.

    Although he may seem self-centered at times – perhaps many times – a Gemini needs to be needed. If you have a flat tire, need some TLC when you’re feeling under the weather or just a little misty blue, or require an extra hand in the kitchen for a dinner party, he’s your go-to guy. Gemini men are fearless and willing to try most anything to make your life easier, even if it means canceling his plans to do so. He values his contributions to the relationship, as Geminis generally seek out a lover who’s also their best friend and soul mate.

    6. Leave him alone.

    He may be the life of the party most of the time but a Gemini man also values solitude. No surprise that all that fun and high-energy socializing can fill your head with so much data that a Gemini man has to take five now and then to regroup. Don’t question his sudden need to be left alone or try to bring him back to his boisterous self. It’s probably nothing you did and, even if it is, he’d rather process the situation on his own and not participate in a home version of couple’s therapy.

    5. Be prepared to listen…a lot.

    Even when a Gemini man is not relating his latest experience in fun and frivolity, he likes to talk. Most importantly, he needs to be really listened to. He may go off on a tangent about the highlights of his boyhood or spend an hour ranting about his obnoxious boss or pontificate way too long on the subject of gentrification. Even if you’re not interested, it’s imperative you muster up a gaze of interest and stick with it. A Gemini man’s feelings are really hurt if they think they’re boring you.

    4. Proceed with caution.

    With all his energy and charm, a Gemini man is far from flawless. His charisma is probably what piqued your interest to begin with but with magnetism comes manipulation. If those nights out on his own start to last until morning, be respectfully suspicious. Don’t forget you’re dealing with two personalities, which gives him plenty of ammunition and opportunity to carry on with someone on the side and lie to you – and them. But be sure of his cheating before you make accusations; a Gemini hates having his honesty questioned and will likely disappear if you’re wrong.

    3. Be candid and forthright.

    Although he may fudge on the truth now and then, a Gemini man demands frankness in his mate. Don’t sugarcoat bad news or leave out unsavory details when you talk. A Gemini guy would much rather hear cold hard facts and deal with hurt feelings than be coddled with half-truths and deception. On the flip side, he’ll be honest with you if you push him past is natural inclination to nurture and support. Over time, you can build a bond with a Gemini based on integrity and openness.

    2. Bring out your sensuous side.

    Behind closed doors, Gemini men are suckers for sensuality. Whatever his day’s been like, a light stroke down his arm or a gentle squeeze of his knee will have him rolling over like a kitten, begging for your touch on his arms, legs, stomach, back, whatever. To really have him succumb to your wiles, wear provocative (classy, not slutty) lingerie, set out some warm body oils, turn him over to lie on his stomach, and indulge him in a luxurious massage. Soon it will be lights out, game on.

    1. Make Decisions.

    Decision making is not a strong point of Gemini men. When choosing a restaurant, don’t give him too many choices. Even when you narrow it down to two or three, you’ll starve to death if you leave the final selection up to him. Make a decision on your own, set the reservation, and make sure you drive so he can’t veer off in another direction on the way to your destination. Remember his lack of decisiveness when he asks you to car shop with him or plan a vacation getaway and if possible, don’t get involved.

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