14 Things Only Aquarius’ Will Understand

    Born between January 20th and February 18th, the Aquarius is a special breed. We’re intelligent, independent, and progressive beings. Because some of our attributes contradict each other, we’re a unique bunch. While we’re not always the most outwardly emotional people, we’re still sensitive and caring. We love our friends and spending time with them, but love time spent alone just as much. We want to save the world, never hesitate to fix a problem, but are really great at compartmentalizing or ignoring issues we deal with. Sure, we can be a bit temperamental sometimes, but at the end of the day, all we want is for everyone to get along. It’s not always easy being an Aquarius, but it’s certainly worth it. If you’re an Aquarius, you know what I mean. Read below to find out 14 things only Aquarius’ will understand.

    14. How Hard It Is To Find Great Friends

    The social Aquarius can make friends with just about everyone. Because we’re witty and clever, people are drawn to us at parties or get togethers. However, we pick and choose our friends wisely. We don’t mind spending time alone and we’re not concerned with getting everyone’s approval. Sure, we may have busy social lives, but that doesn’t mean we consider or even trust all of the people we hang out with. When it comes to making lasting friendships, we have high standards, therefore, finding great friends is hard for us.

    13… But Once You Find Them, You’ll Never Let Go

    Because it’s that hard for us to make great friends, when we find them, we don’t let them go. We’re loyal, trusting (after it’s gained), and respectful of our friends. We typically only have a few close friends so keeping them close is extremely important. If you’re the best friend of an Aquarius, you’re lucky. Why? Because once you hook them, they’d practically do anything for you. At times, we may seem unemotional or detached, but underneath it all, we love our closest friends unconditionally and want only the best for them.

    12. That Being Tricked Is The Worst Thing In The World

    If you want to know how to piss an Aquarius off, trick them or lie to them. Because we think we’re smart (and because we are smart), we hate feeling out of the loop and resent people that make us feel dumb. If someone were to lie to us in order to make us feel better, we’d be infuriated seeing as we can handle pretty much anything that comes our way. If a partner lies to us, it’s a deal breaker. We fully believe that honesty and trust are the most important things a relationship can have and once broken, it’s nearly impossible to repair.

    11. Why No One Thinks We’re As Funny As We Are

    Aquarius’ have an interesting sense of humor and because we never feel self-conscious, we always let it out. We find humor in the happy, the uncomfortable, the gross, and even the sad times of our lives. Sure, we can be bitter and sarcastic, but even our meanest jokes are light hearted. When people make jokes about us or tease us, we can take it. It’s hard to offend us and we expect the same when we tease others in return. If they don’t think it’s funny, though, we don’t mind because we’ll still get a good laugh out of it.

    10… Or Why Some People Misinterpret Our Jokes

    It’s true, our sense of humor is extremely dry. It’s so dry sometimes to the point that other people don’t understand… which can be, well, a little bit off-putting to some. We’re the people that would laugh at a funeral or even inappropriately in the middle of an important meeting. Sometimes, people don’t pick up that we’re joking (because we never feel the need to explain that we were) and just get offended. For example, we might make a comment in a completely serious tone and not laugh, leaving the person we’re talking to wondering, “what just happened?” as we walk away with a secret smile on our face.

    9. How Easy It Is To Compartmentalize Things

    We tend to be intelligent, logical thinkers. Therefore, it’s easy for us to get our thoughts in order. And by thoughts, we also mean emotions. We never spend hours analyzing or re-analyzing fights with friends or lovers or waste time wondering what people may think of us. If we get emotional, it’s easy for us to turn off the emotion, tuck it away somewhere, and focus on something else. We’re not the type of people who are kept up at night by problems with a co-worker, we’re the kind of people that ignore those problems for as long as we possibly can.

    8…. But How Hard It Is To Stop Daydreaming

    We can spend hours daydreaming. However, our daydreams are never pointless and are minds never stop. If we seem “zoned out” it’s probably because we’re coming up with ways to change the world, excel in whatever field we’re in, or cultivating a great idea. On top of that, our daydreams aren’t ever “just for fun,” and we’ll never hesitate to put a good idea we’ve come up with into action. Even if we try to just relax and think about nothing, we can’t. We’re in “go mode” all the time.

    7. That Alone Time Is Seriously Awesome

    Because we tend to like ourselves and find ourselves interesting, we never have a hard time spending time alone. Even the most outgoing Aquarius’ like to have one on one time with themselves every now and then. In fact, it’s really easy for us to get annoyed or get cranky if we’re constantly surrounded by other people or feel pressure to entertain. We like to have ample time to shut off from the rest of the world, even the people we’re closest to. Therefore, we normally make a point to put aside special time to spend by ourselves and enjoy every second of it.

    6… But Too Much Of It Is Awful

    Well, we enjoy every second of our alone time… until we don’t. Now, we’re not saying we get bored by our own thoughts, but we do tend to get stir crazy if we go too long without other human interaction or if we spend too much time in the confines of our own homes. We like to be around other people, especially those we trust. You better bet that if there’s a party, we’re going. If we feel like going out, we’re forcing our friends to come along or even hosting a party ourselves. It’s important that we let loose every couple of days.

    5. It’s So Easy To “Think Outside Of The Box”

    There was never a problem too hard or complicated for an Aquarius to solve. We have great problem-solving skills and a special back for “thinking outside of the box.” If one solution to a problem doesn’t work, we come up with another. We’re stubborn so we never give up on trying to fix things. However, we’re not so stubborn that we can’t see things from other people’s point of view and we’re really good at getting out of our own way. It’s not difficult for us to understand the thoughts, feelings, or ideas of other people, even if we don’t agree with them.

    4… And So Frustrating When People Don’t See Things In The Way That We Do

    That being said, though, we sort of expect the same from other people. If someone can’t grasp an idea we have, we question their intelligence. If we get into an argument with someone and they’re unable to see our side of things, we’re infuriated. Why? Because we can pretty much grasp every idea thrown our way and find it easy to see where people are coming from if we’re arguing with them. We believe everyone should be able to take a walk in someone else’s shoes.

    3. If We’re Mad At You, We Don’t Want To Talk About It

    No. Not at all. If we get into a fight with our boyfriends or friends, we don’t want to sit down and rehash things. We don’t really care about playing “he said, she said” or talking semantics. The only thing we’re concerned with is moving forward and forgetting the fight ever happened. We don’t like being angry and as hard as it is for us to admit it, we don’t like it when other people are angry at us. We’re not obsessed with “winning” an argument and might even let whoever we’re fighting with “win” just so we can drop the whole thing.

    2. In Fact, We Don’t Want To Talk About Anything Emotional

    While we are emotional beings and tend to feel everything (deep, deep, deep down inside of us), we’re not so concerned with talking about how or why we feel certain ways. We know ourselves well enough to know what’s going on inside. Therefore, it’s not so important that everyone else does too. That being said, though, we do sort of expect people to know what’s going on with us without having to tell them. You’ll never hear an Aquarius say, “I wear my heart on my sleeve,” because we really don’t. We keep our emotions private and if we’re forced to be vulnerable, we get uncomfortable and have a hard time communicating.

    1. Why No One Is As Fun As Us

    We’re always up for a night out on the town or ready to jump in the car and meet our best friends at a local bar for a drink. We play the best music, we talk about our favorite authors, and we’ve seen every movie on the “Greatest Movies of All Time” list. We’re up to date on what’s happening in the world, different cultures, and new trends. If we spend time with other people, we put on our best selves. We’d never be the people lurking in the corner or feeling uncomfortable in the crowd. If we’re in a social mood, having fun is a priority.

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